What Should I Get For My Birthday?

I’m so tired of getting lame gifts for my birthday. There are tons of cool gadgets out there and I never seem to get any of them. I’m wondering what awesome gifts I should get for my birthday?

That’s a difficult thing to figure out, isn’t it? Now I’ve had my fair share of birthdays, I prefer not to disclose how many as I do have a young image to maintain. I myself ponder the exact same question every year and am surprised every year just how many cool gift ideas there are to get. Yes, people’s interests are different but what I’ve learned over the years is that they are an abundance of cool gifts no matter what you’re into.

Here are 50 cool gift ideas for you:

Zombie Family Car Stickers

Undead Onboard! Even the living dead deserve protection

Nintendo Controller Wallet

Nintendo Entertainment System NES Retro Controller Bifold Wallet

Device Charging Business Case

This is the business case that charges an iPhone, iPad, or any USB-powered mobile device.

Butt Face Soap White/Brown

Ever get confused which soap you used for your butt and which one you used on your face? Well, with these soaps you will no longer have to worry about using the soap that you just used on your arse on your face.

Genuine Leather iPhone Book Case

Enclose your iPhone in this beautiful Leather Book Case

Hands Free iPad Stand

Watch movies or read books hands free on your iPad while you lie down on your bed

Jellyfish Lamps

Cute jellyfish shaped mood lights

Ghost Soap Dispenser

A great addition to spookify any washroom.

Blast Knuckle Stun Gun

The Knuckle Blaster Stun Gun is a 950,000 volt stun gun designed to give you a punch with power

T-Rex Trophy Wall Sculpture

Display your trophy from Jurassic park hunting trip

One Handed Party Plate

Talk about practical! This plastic party tray fits right over your drink

SnowBall Slingshot

Step up your snowball fight

Waterproof Bike Wheel Lights

Start a Party! When the sun goes down stay visible

Radioactive Waste Drinking Cup

he radioactive waste barrel drinking cup has a radioactive hazard trifoil symbol etched into it

Drawer Organizer

Never have trouble again finding that matching sock.

Self Sustaining Aquatic Ecosystem

Own this amazing self sustaining world and observe life in it

Honey Badger Small Talking

Get tons of laughs from this Honey Badger plush toy. He’ll keep you and others entertained with his funny sayings. Honey Badger doesn’t give a sh*t!

Offensive Business Cards

Have a message for that guy taking 4 parking spots? Deliver it with these offensive business cards

Feel The Force Darth Vader Mug

Feel the force by pressing a button on this Star Wars Feel the Force Mug. Excellent gift for a Star Wars fan.

DriveStein Drinking Game

Make your football watching experience even more fun with DriveStein Thirst Downs! This is the official way to enjoy beer while watching the game!

iPhone Controlled Musical Mercedes SLS

This is the iPhone controlled Mercedes SLS that enables a smartphone’s personal soundtrack to accompany luxury grand tours.

Convertible Billiards Table

Functional and with a timeless modern design, the Fusion table offers generous dimensions for relaxed dining with family or friends

Star Wars Chewbacca Backpack

Wear your love for Star Wars right on your back!

Ice Cream Cone Door Stop

I scream, you scream, someone dropped their ice cream – or did they?

Nightmare Before Christmas Gift Basket

Feel like giving someone a Christmas basket? This one’s perfect.

Water Dumbbells

Water dumbbells provide buoyant support & stabilization on top of the water & resistance underwater

Wall-Mounted Turntable

Wall-Mounted Turntable Plays Records Vertically

Functional Desktop Mini Cannon

The mini cannon to end all mini cannons! These precision machined mini cannons will look great on any mantle or on a desk

Toilet Coffee Mug

Why should dogs be the only ones allowed to drink out of the toilet?

Butter Slice Cutter

The one-click butter cutter holds and slices butter into pats with just a squeeze

Christmas Pet Sneakers

Get your dog or cat ready for Christmas with these sneakers.

World’s Smallest Automatic Umbrella

Carried inconspicuously in a purse or trouser pocket, this is the smallest umbrella available that opens and closes with the push of a button.

Carpet Skates

Feel like skating without the ice? No need to sharpen these skates.

Shark Sleeping Bag

It’s a stuffed toy! It’s a sleeping bag. IT’S A SHARK!

Hand Fitness Trainer

A recipient of the prestigious Medical Design Excellence Award, this is the hand fitness trainer that can slow the progression of osteoarthritis and mitigate the effects of repetitive-motion injuries in the hands.

144 Hour Coil Candle

Candle by the Hour is easy to use and lasts hours upon hours

The Dad Saddle

This soft, stuffed “saddle” straps onto your back so you can give your kids a ride

Metal Horse Watering Can

Now you can say that a horse waters your flowers and not be lying.

Bottle Opener Remote Control

At last – the universal remote control is a gift one can give

Rapid Reload Double Marshmallow Blaster

Marking an escalation in confectionary conflagration, this is the blaster that pelts targets with two barrels-full of plump, harmless marshmallows up to 30′ away.

Superior Comfort Bed Lounger

This soft yet structured lounger offers superior back support, and its adjustable headrest automatically follows your head’s normal movements for increased neck support.

Math Wall Clock

Tired of staring at the regular wall clock? Want to bring out your inner Math Man? here’s the right wall cock for you.

LED Matrix Watch

This is the watch with 72 LEDs that display the time in a grid of arcane lights.

Pillow Universal TV Remote Control

The sofa pillow with the distinctive difference – its also a remote control

Passion Lips Gold Glitter

Turn heads with this gold glitter for lips

Glow-In-The-Dark Gift Bags

Okay, so now all you need is something awesome to put in these neat bags.

Crystal Skull Shotglass

The crystal skull shot glass for wicked parties

Bacon Flavored Candy Canes

When we told Santa Claus about these Bacon Candy Canes he nearly fell out of his sleigh

Sword Umbrella

broad and samurai sword umbrellas protect you from rain and keep your man ego in tact.