What Should I Get For My Birthday?

I’m so tired of getting lame gifts for my birthday. There are tons of cool gadgets out there and I never seem to get any of them. I’m wondering what awesome gifts I should get for my birthday?

That’s a difficult thing to figure out, isn’t it? Now I’ve had my fair share of birthdays, I prefer not to disclose how many as I do have a young image to maintain. I myself ponder the exact same question every year and am surprised every year just how many cool gift ideas there are to get. Yes, people’s interests are different but what I’ve learned over the years is that they are an abundance of cool gifts no matter what you’re into.

Here are 50 cool gift ideas for you:

Cake Pops Maker

Now you can cook delicious donut holes and other pastries at home without even turning on an oven

Still Smoking Earrings

Here’s a great, funny gift idea for a woman of your choice: Still Smoking Earrings. One of the earrings is the cigarette and the other one isĀ  a match stick of a matching size. The creator is a talented local jewelery maker with a good sense of humor

Glow In The Dark Nail Polish

This gorgeous new Glow in the Dark colored nail polish will ignite your nails with a sexy, sultry glow!

Things You Do That Piss Me Off Notepad

Wanna save time at telling people what they do that really ticks you off? This notepad will pinpoints the areas and relay the message to the recipient.

Waterproof Gloves

These are the fleece-lined waterproof gloves and socks that keep extremities dry and warm down to temperatures as low as -30

Smartphone Laser Tag

AppTag Laser Blaster brings first person shooter console gameplay to smartphones in the real world

Children’s Night Vision Camcorder

This is the infrared camcorder that lets young spies-in-training record footage in complete darkness.

Dirty Diaper Survival Kit

The perfect gift for new parents. Protect yourself against those pesky dirty diapers.

iCrayon Stylus Pen

iCrayon Stylus Pen, perfect for drawing on Tablets

Sustenance For Consideration

A funny read from Sean Beaumont. Over 800 random absurdities to make you smile.

Women’s Movado Watch

A gift pleaser for any woman.

Men’s Watch Box

A must have for the man who loves his watches and loves to keep them safely stored.


Hugg-A-Planet is a perfect gift for the environmentalist hippie friend or someone who really loves our planet.

Roll Up Electronic Keyboard

Get your party on wherever you are. Bust out a tune and get the whole place in the mood.

Monogrammed Barbecue Branding Iron

This branding iron sears up to three characters into food stuffs. It can be personalized with any three letters of the alphabet (including ampersand) which are laser cut and measure 3/4″ high.

Sea Doo Pro Sea Scooter

The perfect gift for someone who enjoys exploring the waters.

The Butt Office Supply Holder

Wanna give someone in your office a little something? Then look no further! This desk accessory holds pens, tape, and paper clips and does it in an interesting way.

Electric Wine Opener

Provides perfect worm insertion and rapid, effortless cork removal.

Great White Shark Socks

Cool looking Great White Shark Socks

Large Electronic Pet Door

Engineered for performance, design, value and extreme reliability

Outdoor Heated Cat Shelter

This is the only outdoor cat shelter with an integrated heater that keeps felines warm and comfy in cool temperatures.

eReader Book Cover

Have you always wanted to own a copy of The Neverending Story? Now you can!

Tetris Constructible Desk Lamp Light

The Tetris Constructible Light is an interlocking light with 7 interlocking pieces

Mini Shopping Cart Desk Organizer

Organize your desk with this cute mini shopping cart

Emergency Radio

Featuring an easy-to-adjust digital tuner that received 33% more radio stations than competing radios and produced crisp, clear sound of AM and FM stations.

Total Body Support Pillow

Providing an extraordinary level of comfort, this pillow gives optimum support for upper and lower extremities, while cushioning and maintaining proper spinal alignment no matter your sleep position.

Fiber-Optic Table Runner

Jazz up any table with this table runner. We spend so much time sitting around our tables, why not make them more interesting?

12′ Inflatable Animated Spider

This is the 12′-tall inflatable spider that provides frightful fun for passers-by as it moves its gruesome 30″-wide head back and forth.

Beer Savers

Tired of throwing out precious beer? Use this cap to keep your beer fresh for a later time.

Self Sustaining Aquatic Ecosystem

Own this amazing self sustaining world and observe life in it

Glow Chess Set

Snuggle into bed with your partner, dim the lights and play chess! What did you think I was going to say?

Giant Jenga Blocks

A superb giant-sized version of this popular indoor game

Giant Sleeping Bag

Get busy on your camping trips easier, with this giant sleeping bag.

Personal Water Filter

The perfect gift for those that like to spend time outdoors. You won’t be stuck wondering if the water is safe to drink.

Magical Unicorn Mask

Vaguely disturbing but awesome at the same time. If you love attention, then you will love this mask.

Roll Up Piano

Portable Roll Up Piano Keyboard. Be the life of ANY party with this roll up keyboard!

Large Radio Control Mario Kart

Take the controls of a real Mario Kart! Experience all the excitement of Mario Kart racing just about anywhere

Shower Hat for Babies

Wash your baby’s hair with ease. No more tears from soap getting in their eyes. A must have for everyone with young children.

Portable Shower Bag

Shower on the go, perfect for camping

Glow in the Dark Basketball

Glows at night, for a more impressive game

Cleaning Slippers

Keep your feet cozy in these slippers and your floors dust free.

TriArch LED Watch

This is the watch that displays the time by building three colorful arches of blue LEDs.

Waterproof Socks

These are the fleece-lined waterproof socks that keep extremities dry and warm down to temperatures as low as -30

Sky Umbrella

Wouldn’t it be nice to look up at a bright sky on a rainy day? Enjoy a beautiful sky with this umbrella, regardless of the gloomy weather.

Child Piloted Tumbler

This is the rolling tumbler piloted by a child ensconced inside its protective inflatable honeycomb structure.


This clear acrylic cube is filled with 64 multi-colored LEDs that systematically illuminate in millions of different combinations, producing a mesmerizing light show.

Wearable Sleeping Bag

Comfort and function are combined in these ingenious wearable sleeping bags